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What Type of Subwoofer Should You Choose for Your Home Theater Speakers?

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There are different types of subwoofers on the market. Mainly these subwoofers differ in their overall design and their performance. In this post, I’m going to look at some groups of different subwoofers and makes recommendations for picking the right model for your speakers.

The first main difference between subwoofer models is their overall design. There are active and passive subwoofers on the market. The majority of models are active. After this means that the speaker itself has an amplifier to drive the diaphragm. That also means that it has an internal power supply. Passive subwoofers don’t have any amplifier and connect you speaker cable.

Secondly, there are wireless subwoofers and corded subwoofers. Only a few people choose wireless models. The main reason for this is because the location of the subwoofer is not critical in terms …

How to Save Some Money When Purchasing Audio Equipment

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Audio equipment nowadays can be quite expensive especially if you look for high-quality components. If you are on a budget then prices are of key importance. Let me give you some tips for saving money for purchasing audio equipment.

First of all, retailers and etailers will offer huge discounts at certain promotions. Those promotions are often held several times over the year especially at the event such as black Friday. If you have already determined the model number of each type of equipment that you require, then you can keep a watchful eye for prices. Also, there some websites which track pricing will send you email alerts if there are discounts on certain items.

Next, you might want to consider purchasing a refurbished unit. A refurbished unit is oftentimes is good is a new unit except it might have some …

How to Choose the Right Power Supply for Your Audio Device

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Any type of audio device needs some power source. While some products have the power supply built-in, others rely on an external power supply. In this post, I’m going to look at power supplies and also how the performance of the power supply is going to affect performance of the audio equipment. This should help you to select an appropriate power supply for your device.

If the audio device and you have purchased doesn’t have a power supply included then you will have to purchase one yourself. Also, power supplies sometimes fail and over time need to be replaced. If the manufacturer of the equipment cells power supplies then I would recommend purchasing the power supply from the manufacturer. This will ensure that the power supplies compatible with the device. Also, should there be any damage to your …

How Far Can You Stream to Wireless Speakers?

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Wireless speakers are quite cool because you don’t have to run long wires in your house anymore. Noted that wireless speakers to need power, making the power connection however is usually much easier than stringing speaker wire through holes in your walls. One of the restrictions of these speaker models is their operating range. Let me discuss some factors which influence the wireless range and show you how far you can actually stream.

The wireless range of cordless speaker models is affected by several factors. First and foremost, the speaker technology itself determines the maximum range. As an example, Bluetooth wireless speakers usually have fairly low range because the signal strength of the transmitting device is usually rather low. However, keep in mind that Bluetooth is a bidirectional technology. That means not only does the transmitter send the signal to the …

How to Protect Music on Your CDs

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The music CD has revolutionized the audio industry. The classic album simply didn’t have the same quality as audio which comes from a music CD. The music CD in fact was a huge leap which has caused music to be distributed on this new medium exclusively. Lately, additional formats have appeared which are threatening to replace the music CD. In particular, the Blu-ray disc not only is able to store multi-channel audio but also can store video. Unfortunately, data is written onto smaller and smaller areas onto the disk as the capacity of the medium grows. Obviously, if there are scratches on the surface of the disc then it becomes much harder to retrieve the music.

The classic music CD had sophisticated error correction algorithms in place which in most cases could compensate for errors caused by data which was not read …

How to Install Home Theater Components

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Setting up a home theater system can be tricky. There are multiple components that have to be installed. Also, everybody’s home theater system is a bit different. Obviously, if you have some experience installing electronic components then setting up such a complex system is a little simpler. Also, you will be able to better configure the components. I would usually advise against purchasing a home theater in a box system. Even though these systems are usually priced lower, selecting individual components, you should be able to get better performance by purchasing those components individually. Also, you can select each component based on your particular preference. If you purchase all of these components from one retailer then chances are that you can get a discount.

Nowadays many people prefer using a projector instead of a regular TV. A projector can be much less expensive …